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With the internet providing many solutions to home needs, finding the right blueprint to complete a certain job is becoming easier. The only disadvantage with this type of information is that the diagrams are sometimes outdated and can be hard to understand. Finding the most useful home improvement books on the market really depend on the project at hand.

There are many home improvement books available in the market. But, there are exclusively few books which people would like to read from time to time. Here is a list of some of the most helpful home improvement books on the market today.



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 Woodworking4Home   woodworking4home woodworking4home woodworking4home woodworking4home woodworking4home

#1 Recommendation




          Authored by John Metz from Montana, US in 2008


This book has become our #1 recommendation for several reasons. First, it comes in a digital form which makes it available immediately. It covers over 14,000 different woodworking projects and contains 20 years worth of woodworking knowledge.


Some of the projects that are covered in Woodworking4Home include:


Workbench Plans                     Bird Feeder Plans


Bookcase Plans                        Gun Cabinet Plans


Kitchen Cabinet Plans               Rocking Chair Plans


Coffee Table Plans                   Computer Desk Plans


14,000 More Projects


What really sets this course apart from the rest is the fact that it comes with video tutorials. While the blueprints are very easy to understand and follow, this is a great bonus for those who would like to see exactly how a job is to be completed.


Overall, Woodworking4home receives 5 out of 5 stars and is highly recommended.


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 Common Sense PestControl


Authored by Bill and Helga Olkowski and Sheila Daar (from Taunton Press in the year 1991)

-         Pests invade homes, gardens and human bodies (the book also contains information about lice). This book guides the user towards the weaknesses of different pests which will help control the invasion.


Renovation: A Complete Guide

Authored by Michael W. Litchfiel (from Sterling Publications in the year 1977)

-         The book offered a complete guide for restoring old houses which needed perfection and at the same time offered safety to the old walls. With more than thousand photographs and illustrations available in the book taken by the author from the old houses that he restored will give a perfect example for those who are planning out for a renovation.


A Pattern Language

Authored by Christopher Alexander, Murray Silverstein and Sara Ishikawa

-         The 1,171 book covered all the problems and their solutions to over 200 designing problems, which included from the layout of a town plan to a staircase in a house. Considered as the most influential book for architectures from around the world.


Code Check: A Field Guide to Building a Safe House

Authored by Redwood Kardon (from Taunton Press in the year 1995)

-         Safety precautions are important while you renovate a house or plan to modify a particular corner of a house. Questions like how high a handrail should be mounted, what should be the hole size to drill throughout a stud etc. can prevail in one’s mind when such people plan to renovate their house on their own. This book gives an insight to all these questions and also explains the pros and cons of the same. There are 600 answers to many common questions, neatly addresses in a 32 laminated pages. The author of this home improvement book is a building inspector who is hired by inspectors and contractors at the job.


By following the instructions in these home improvement books, completing any job should be quick and easy.





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